Wednesday, October 10, 2007

My View

A reader posted a question asking my views on the ballot issue brought forth by Bob Templin to save the current city hall building and the subsequent funding of the building maintenance and upkeep if the voters decide in favor of keeping it. While some of my earlier posts address that issue I'll provide the Reader's Digest condensed version here:

A City Center Master Plan Steering Committee comprised of over two dozen citizens and city officials met for a year between July 2005 and July 2006 to consider the best alternatives and vision of the city hall campus that is now in progress. Their recommendation one year and two months ago was to demolish the "old city hall" as soon as the new building was completed. Bob Templin served on that committee.

Our elected city council members, after intensive study of options provided by administrative professionals and contracted experts, determined the demolition of the current city hall building to be the optimum direction.

I agree with and respect the decision that was made by the council in April 2007. I will vote on November 6 to remove the current city hall building to facilitate planned use of the entire under-construction campus.

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